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About me

i am looking for a job, but apart from that i am a decent person
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visit the website above to know me better

Occupation: unemployed


About my collections

i like crime movies where the main cast are the villains, my books i like anything that is a classic and i like any type of game


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there can only be one Kurgan

Posted : 8 years ago on 14 July 2010 08:33 (A review of Highlander)

" There can be only one. " Is possibly one of the best movie tag lines ever said and the fact that it has to be the catchphrase of Highlander makes this movie already special.
The movie Highlander was a hit in 1986 as it spawned 2 sequels, a television series, 2 more movies based off the series and another television series which was a spinoff of the original television Series.However the First movie is the best thing to come out of it.

The plot of the movie is basic but it works out as we follow Connor MacLeod "the Highlander" of the title as we learn that he is immortal and that you can only kill him by cutting off his head, we also learn that now is the most important time of the immortals life the gathering where the last few immortals will fight until there is only 1 and that person has the prize.

The 2 main characters the kurgan and Macleod are brilliant in the movie, as we learn about MacLeod's past. This leads to the fact that the kurgan killed him in battle but before he took his head he was stopped but Macleod healed and was banished from his clan in Scotland as people thought his immortality was witchcraft Which would have possibly happened in the 1500's. We also meet Sean Connery who becomes Macleod teacher. I think Sean Connery does a good part here as he is a Scotsman who pretends to be Spanish but who is in fact a Egyptian in the movie which is funny but he does pull it off. However a shock happened as Connery's character is killed by the Kurgan and he he rapes Macleod's wife.The Kurgan is simply brilliant at his part as he looks like and sounds like a sadistic person, who would rape and kill for the fun of it. I believe this is a step up the the actors career as now he is the voice of Mr Krabs in SpongeBob SquarePants.
to me it is the voice that makes me think the Kurgan is one of the better sounding villains in movie history.

I believe the most infamous scene is in the movie is when Macleod and the Kurgan is in the church, as they point out the most important rule of them all. Immortals cannot fight on Holy ground and as they talk revealing they are the only two immortals left meaning only one of them will be the victor and have the prize. The quote the Kurgan says as he leaves is Legendary as he says " it better to burn out ,than to fade away." I love this quote and i agree with it in a way as everyone wants to be known when they die, also Brown voice as he said makes it sound to perfect.

Also this movie is realistic in a way that with the Heads of people being cut off people will notice and the police are investigating the crimes of it happening with several scenes of the movie dedicated to this, Macleod becomes the main suspect after leaving a crime scene and police stopping him but they don't have the evidence to arrest him. A detective discovers that the other name he used in the movie is fake and that he has been using names of dead babies for over 100 years and when she confronts him about it he tells her the truth and sleeps with her.

Overall i have to say that Highlander 1 is a classic and that it did the 80's a lot of good with it soundtrack which was mainly done by the legendary band Queen. apart from the music the acting good and the storyline is above average. The sequel however is 1 of the worst films in history
i would rate the movie 8 out of 10 as it could have been better with Macleod's past

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Dark Cloud 2 review

Posted : 8 years, 1 month ago on 31 May 2010 02:50 (A review of Dark Cloud 2)

Dark cloud 2 or dark chronicle happens to be 1 of the best games of it genre,or so i believe s you easily get hooked into playing it over and over again.

the main story is that The main character max goes on a journey to leave his home Town of Palm Brinks as it is the only town left in the world with human beings in it. But when he sees the mayor being threatened as they r after a stone Max currently has he sets off on his journey a lot sooner to try and find his mother, but he soon learns of a threat that could end the world.

The game play is very easy to get into as you learn the controls in the first few levels and you have a wide choice of weapons you can choose as you can bulid them up and make them stronger.

Rest of review needs to be finished

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modern day greek a smash

Posted : 8 years, 5 months ago on 17 February 2010 07:24 (A review of Percy Jackson the Olympians: The Lightning Thief)

I thought that Percy Jackson and the lighting thief was a really good film as they tried to modernise the idea of the Greek Myths and they had some of the better known villains as the bad guys.

I liked most of the cast as they played their part very well as i thought Sean Bean played a very good Zeus and the main cast played their roles off perfectly, However i also enjoyed Pierce Bronson as the Centaur Chiron or Mr Brunner Percy's Latin teacher, but i liked Uma Thurman as the Medusa as i feel she played that perfectly but i wished she had longer in the film. 1 thing i didn't really like was that Steve Coogan playing the part of Hades,1 of the reasons why i didn't like it was that he known for his comedy roles so i thought he couldn't pull the part off. Another thing i didn't like was that they made him wear leather, i think that Hades shouldn't wear leather he should have worn armour or something to say that i am king of the underworld.

The main 3 of the cast remind me of the Harry Potter 3 as Percy who is special because of his Dad is also special and you also have Ron in this movie but he is a Satyr but will also help even as far as staying in hell to protect his friends. Then you have Hermione in the movie but she is like Percy as her Mom is special which is different compared to the Harry Potter 3 but she has the knowledge which makes her like Hermione.

Th only thing i wished i saw in the movie was Cerberus the 3 headed guardian to the underworld as i felt that he was needed in the movie to improve the scenes in hell as you have other mythical creatures like furys the Hydra and even the Greek Gods but apart from that everything else was good

The Storyline of the movie was better than i thought it would be where as a boy discovers he a demigod as his father is one of the big three gods of ancient Greece Posideon. He needs to clear his name as he is blamed for stealing the lighting bolt from his uncle Zeus. I dont know how much the Movie follows the book it is based of. for all i know the film could have nothing to do with the book.

overall i enjoyed the film, but i would say study basic Greek Mythology before you watch the film if you are to understand the importance of the characters and gods.

you can read the book the film was based on to see if there was any differences between them

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Casino a classic

Posted : 8 years, 5 months ago on 10 February 2010 08:57 (A review of Casino (1995))

Casino is possibly one of the better films of the 1990's as it is based on true events but altered for the film to make it more dramatic and gripping.

The Main character Ace who is played by Robert De Niro is a man who can neveer lose a bet as we learn in the movie as he can win and helps the bosses who secretly run vegas money and a lot of it, apart from that we learn that he falls in love with Ginger played by Sharon Stone but she doesnt love him. I like Ace as you see him reach the high and lows in Las Vegas. However i think that Ace's long time friend Nicky who is played by Joe Pesci is the main star of the show as we see him rise from a low level gangster to a person who is like Al Capone as the character is banned from Vegas and all it's casino's, but i like him as he is a caring father and he always makes breakfast each morning.

i think were the desert scene between Ace and Nicky(where even Ace said his chance were living were 50 50 instead of 99 out of 100 as it shows what Vegas can do to friends who have different opinoins.) is one of the better scenes in the movie

Martin Scorsese directed this movie and he did it like how he directed Goodfellas as he started off with the end but showed how it came to be like that in the restof the movie then at the end you see the start again and what happens nex. Scorsese 2worked with De Niro and Pesci for the 3rd time 4 this movie and it shows that they can make a good movie.

overall i consider Casino to be one of the better gangster films of the 1990's as there is a few storylines that in the end tie each other up nicely into 1 storyline at the end

The 1 thing i didn't like in the movie is that Ginger's old boyfriend played by James woods does not get enough screen time as i liked how the character was always going to Ginger to help and she would always do it even tho he got beaten up for it. I thought he should have been in it a bit longer

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another brilliant children film

Posted : 8 years, 5 months ago on 6 February 2010 02:15 (A review of 9)

When i first saw the trailer of this movie i knew i would see a decent film, after i watched the Movie i knew i saw a good film. I would rate this movie 7/10 as i feel that there could of been some improvements in the film itself.

The movie is based on a post- apocalyptic world and 9 creations of a scientist are fighting for their survival. Even though it is not the first movie of it kind it is one i know of that is mainly aimed for children, as it is mainly aimed for the children you kind of know that everything will work out in the end, and it does. The main plot is that 9 wakes up in the world and he carries a rare artefact when exploring with the others who find him he activates these androids which try to kill the heroes with the artefact. As they learn of how the world ended they must destroy the machine with the help of a scientist who died while creating the heroes.

1 thing i like about the movie and that was the relationship between the different characters. As you watch the film you know that the characters have different relationships with each other, 1 relationship between 1 and 8 shows a father- son bond as 1 will out for 8 as he is all muscle no brains. However this relationship reminds me of the relationship of George and Lenny in the novel "Of Mice And Men" with 1 being the George and 8 being the Lenny, in a way this bond is important as it shows that everyone can be united and the film is trying to unite the family. In most movies their is always a love interest and this movie is no different 7, being the love interest of 9 it shows that this movie isn't all for children as most children wouldn't notice that also it doesn't help as 7 is the only female of the group, but in a twist she is the brave fighting one who is always up for a challenge.

what i didn't like about the film was the timing, i feel like it was to short as most movie it type are normally 2 hours long this one was just over a hour long, it would have been nice for the movie to have been longer but it was still good to watch

that my review of the movie i hope you liked reading it .

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Goodfellas a classic

Posted : 8 years, 5 months ago on 5 February 2010 06:24 (A review of GoodFellas (1990))

Goodfellas i think is a excellent gangster film which is based off the life of Henry Hill so by knowing this you know what you watching will be bloody good.

Ray Liotta plays Henry in his movie and he plays a good part but i think he could have played the part a bit less seriously as he was to serious so it doesnt really show his promise like a actor. Robert De Niro comes in as he plays a good friend of Henry who helps him in his childhood and up in the ranks in the movie but his character starts to go mad and wants people who helped him dead.However i think the best character of the Movie goes to Joe Pesci as the childhood friend of Henry as he cant control his temper and makes you laugh and seem scared at the same time. This point is proveed in the famous " funny how " scene. I thought it was a shame for him to be killed in the movie.

The Director Martin Scoreses did a excellent good job as he worked with two actor he used before De Niro and Pesci what i also liked about how i directed this movie was he showed the present first then he went back into the past as they wrre children then returned to the present and then he moved into the future. i liked it when the movie ended as you learn about what happened to the main characters in real life.

overall i would reccomend this movie to anyone who enjoyed Gangster movies

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